We will discover the social potential value and make it apparent by our know how, skills and networks.

Our basic concept is “Contributing to the creation of new industries by supporting the scientific and technological research and promoting social returns of research results with close collaboration with the industry.“

We launched a venture capital fund to accelerate the activities including collaboration with Tokyo Institute of Technology(Tokyo Tech).

We believe that the mission of MIRAI SOUZOU is to create a place for collaboration, co-creation and maximization of social potential value.

We will do our best to make young people have hopes and dreams in the future and create the “Mirai” that boasts their country and region to the world.


Quarter Incubation

(universities, research institutions, large companies, venture companies, MIRAI SOUZOU leads growth together with partly successful “0.25” projects as well as “0 → 1“).

The basic philosophy is to focus on not only investment but also that the four businesses cooperate with each other, while driving growth of corporations and individuals to “Next X”.

    • ■ Venture capital fund: Supply of risk money to business seeds, Incubation
    • ■ Business development and consulting: Co-creation of new business from attractive ideas through open innovation
    • ■ Human resource development and training: Training minds to challenge
    • ■ PR / IR solution: Promotion to spread social valuable business to the world




Adachi Toshihisa

Adachi has worked with the venture industry since the early 1990s at ITOCHU Corporation, ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation. Especially built personal connections with many top tier VCs of Silicon Valley Sand Hill Road. Since 2002, as president and CEO of ITOCHU Technology Ventures, Inc., he operated three funds. From 2011 he was the President of the Japan Venture Capital Association until 2014. He promoted regulatory reform and made recommendations to the Japan government such as the Japanese version of JOBS Act and the angel tax system. He graduated from Tokyo Tech Dept. of electrical engineering.


Hiroyuki Okada

Okada joined TEPCO in 1996 and engaged in new technology development in the nuclear power department. After turning to the planning and research department, he was engaged in project management for the introduction of overseas technology, commercialization, and national project for technical development. After that he was on loan to TNP partners (VC) and handled hands-on support. Understanding of “large enterprises and small business”, “business company and finance”, he has accumulated many experiences in strategy planning and implementation from business composition to service and sales strategy. Completed Masters Degree in Tokyo Tech.

co-Founder/Board of Directors

Daisuke Kaneko

Kaneko participated as a strategic consultant in a business consulting firm and has engaged in consulting projects for clients such as mobile communication carriers, general trading companies, manufacturers and others. The theme includes formulating medium-term management plan, support for entering emerging countries, business due diligence and finance advisory of M & A. After co-founding MIRAI SOUZOU, lead the company in raising a Venture Capital (VC) fund of 3.3 billion yen as partnership VC of Tokyo Institute of Technology. Completed Masters Degree in Tokyo Tech.

Board of Directors

Kohei Saito

Saito has belonged to several consulting firm, before joining MIRAI SOUZOU. He has served a variety of projects such as designing business strategy, launching new business, turn-around management, and M&A  support for enterprises in many industries including the electronics, telecommunications, Chemical material, healthcare, and publishing. He is primarily involved in new business development and Open Innovation.

Executive Officer

Tomokuni Takayama

Takayama joined Japan Asia Investment Company, Limited in 2000 through Orix Corporation and invested mainly in technology venture companies. After engaging in industry-academia cooperation fund, since 2004 he has formed a fund mainly targeting mobile communication carriers and high-tech venture companies. He is a leader and fund manager of the investment team and engaged in venture investment and management support for investees. He graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology Department of Mathematics.

Executive Officer

Naoto Yamamoto

After graduating from Kyushu University, Yamamoto experienced sales at a major telecommunications company and human resources development venture, and became the business department head of the Internet venture. After that, he established Enter Innovation Inc. in 2008.
From 2017 he has participated in the MIRAI SOUZOU and is in charge of human resource development, such as projects, sales, and business consulting.

Executive Officer

Tsukasa Iino

Iino joined Revamp corporation in engaging in management consulting for 5 major companies. He presently serves as an advisor to 30 companies including major companies and start-ups as an IR/PR professional, mainly creating branding strategies. He has also launched 5 businesses such as a Muslim travel agency, a Muslim-focused production company, a bio-healthcare company, a bridal company and an IR/PR agency. He has been an IR/PR representative since 2014.


Yumiko Nagatsuma

Nagatsuma has approximately 30 years of experience in venture capital fund investment in US and Japan. Prior to joining MIRAI SOUZOU she worked in 360ip of Battelle Group, University of Tokyo Edge Capital, and Nippon Enterprise Development as a Life Science investment partner. Biotechnology, Medical/Healthcare, and Green technology are her focus fields. She invested 26 start-ups and led 18 to IPO and M&A, Nanocareer, Raqualia Pharma, MediciNova, etc.

Financial collaboration partner

Sakamoto Tadahiro

After graduating from the University of Tokyo law department, entered the Ministry of Finance in 1990. He retired from the role of Vice Minister Secretary of Financial Services Agency, etc. In 2007 he founded Chiiki kyousou Taking advantage of administrative experience and financial knowledge and network, Sakamoto develops new business model of regional financial institutions and offering solutions for investment and loans. He has served as an executive officer of the public-private fund.


Minoru Moriya

Moriya is well known as a “Serial Entrepreneur” in Japan as he has over 20 years’ experience in corporate entrepreneurship. He served as Keapuro Corporation Vice President , Rakusuru Corporation Vice President , Media Banks Corporation adviser, etc. Before that, Minoru was engaged in the new business development room in MISUMI Inc. since 1992, mainly helping develop multiple start-ups in the medical industry.


Ichiro Okura

Professor Emeritus of Tokyo Institute of Technology, Specially Appointed Professor of Osaka City University. Okura has held prominent positions such as Executive Vice President of Tokyo Institute of Technology, Visiting Professor of foreign authority universities in United State, China and Taiwan. He has also worked on joint efforts between industry and academia.



Company Name Innovations and Future Creation Inc. (MIRAI SOUZOU)
Tokyo office Kishimoto building 6F, 2-2-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Established September 9th,2014
President and CEO Hiroyuki Okada
Business Hands-on venture capital business, research and development support